Friday, June 17, 2016

What Causes Acne? How Do You Get Rid of It?

ACNE, oh the word that wreaks havoc on most teenagers.... In our day in age, having a good appearance is everything, especially to young people. Being acne free is a difficult thing to achieve during teenage years, however many homemade acne treatments you read about online can help.

Doctors and researchers are no longer blaming high sugar and greasy foods as for what causes acne. It has been shown through studies that the types of food eaten seem to have little or no effect !

One of the major causes of acne is now thought to be hormone levels. Hormones found in men and women in sky rocket while in puberty and are thought to enlarge glands and increase the output of oil on your skin.

In a nutshell , acne forms when your pores get blocked , which leads to bacteria forming. Many researchers say that acne is hereditary , I for one believe it happens to everyone who doesn't take care of their skin.

There are some external causes for acne. Heavy or greasy make ups can cause acne flair ups as can high humidity for some , prescription medications may have a side effect that causes acne.

Acne can be characterized by light to moderate and severe acne. Light to moderate acne is just having blackheads and really minor acne. A severe case of acne would include cysts and nodules , That can be very painful.

Light to moderate acne can be cleared up with products at the store , however depending on how you react to it , there could be a chance it will have either no effect or even irritate your acne even more. Especially with severe acne , which I have had in the past and got rid of using the 3 day acne guide. I have my story listed on my blog , if you want to see how I did it exactly.

It is suggested that you wash at least twice a day. Never squeeze or pick the pimples/zits on your face and don't wash with a washcloth, use your hands. A washcloth can irritate the acne and make it worse.

The earlier that acne is treated, the better it will be. Getting rid of acne isn't that easy though , you need a solid guide with good testimonials so it's guaranteed to work.

That is why I posted my story about how I got rid of severe acne in my blog , so what are you waiting for ??

Be acne free starting today !

At last , How to get rid of acne is solved!

You are FINALLY now about to witness the greatest acne free success story ever told , so brace yourself and your acne!

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